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The synthetic skill is essential for it allows an individual to look at problems in a different perspective and evade the shortcomings of conventional thinking. In fact, synthetic skill broadens an individual’s thinking ability to see solution to issue that seem to be difficult to handle.&nbsp. The other important intellectual skill is the practical skill. Practical-contextual skill enables an individual to know how to convince others of the value of an idea (Sternberg, Kaufman &amp. Grigorenko, 2009). The three components of intellectual skills are dependent on each other and for intellectual skills to contribute to creativity. the three must work in unison.For creativity to exists, one must have sound knowledge on the field of exploration (Sternberg &amp. Mio, 2009). It is impossible for one to move beyond a challenge if one is ignorant of its existence. However, knowledge about something may result in a closed or entrenched standpoint, making it hard for an individual to think beyond his/her past view of problems. Therefore, knowledge can promote or hamper creativity. However, knowledge is very crucial component of creativity and need to be evident for one to develop creative ideas.A number of research investigations have pointed out personality as another important element of creativity (Sternberg, 2004). Personality entails the willingness to overcome challenges, willingness to take risk, readiness to put up with ambiguity, efficiency among other issues. In fact, for one to display creativity he/ she must be willing to defy the crowd and purse the idea in mind. Criticism allows an individual to think beyond the challenge at hand. People who never give room for criticism.

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