Write a 2 page essay on Current issues in dissability studies activity 12.

t for successful transition, because an individual may perform better in one environment than the other. and the transition to adulthood encompasses several factors outlined above (Lones, 1997).

However, some assessments are required to ascertain the level of individual involvement in the process. the level of parental involvement. the level of school involvement and the extent of involvement of other inter-agencies.

When all these issues have been analyzed, it is possible to determine how successful the transition will be.

The process of inclusion can depend on how much usefulness the disabled person to the society. If the person has acquired good education, such a person could be included in the working environment where such knowledge would be utilized. The person may also be included in the community activities. But when such an assessment has not been properly made, it may be difficult for the individual to be fully included in the society.

Answer 2: There are certain issues that all parties (parents, schools, agencies etc) involved in helping a disabled individual undergo transition must take note of: (i) the individual must be given full support during the transition stage. (ii) the individual must be assessed periodically about the level of knowledge acquisition. (iii) the society must be patient for the individual to demonstrate his or her capability, which will encourage smooth inclusion. (iv) the individual must be encouraged at every stage of the transition and inclusion.

Once the issues highlighted above have been taken good care of, the inclusion of such an individual in community activities, working environments, educational setting, and other places, would be smooth and

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