1Which of these are you being held accounted for as an Uber Partner?

How many trips you do in an hour

The number of Facebook friends you have

The number of breaks you take during the day

How many trips you cancel

2, Why is it better to say there was a Glitch, instead of I was given the wrong address?

Because you don’t want to blame the rider

Because it lets the rider know it was Uber’s fault

Because it lets the rider know it was your fault

Because it lets the rider know it was their fault

3. Why is it important to present your rider with options when problem solving?

It’s important to have options because you want to make sure your rider can solve problems.

It’s not important. When problem solving you need to tell the rider what you feel most comfortable doing.

It’s not important. Your rider should come up with a solution.

It’s important to have options so that your rider can choose one of the options that you CAN do, instead of focusing on what you can’t do.

4. What does it mean to “drive ahead”?

Look down the road when you’re driving so you’re aware of any obstacles

Think about what you’re doing later in the day when you’re driving

Only look in front of you when driving

Look at the car in front of you when you drive

5.Which of the following is okay to ask of a rider with a service animal?

“Do you mind keeping your service animal on the floor during the trip?”

“Can I see the animal’s papers?”

“What do you need a service animal for?”

All of the above


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