Background and Business problem:

Tech Up is a hardware and software reseller. To incentivize their sales reps, they provide incentive payments. They have a third-party group manage the calculation of the incentive payments. Incentives Now is a sales incentive, web-based, portal that Tech Up uses to manage seller promotional goal attainment. The data in the portal is managed by a third party called group.

Every day, Tech Up sends all the sales data to the outside vendor, who takes in the files and spins through their calculation process. They then calculate a payout to the seller based on promotional information that is entered into the tool by the vendor partners.

The main issue is the calculations within the tool do not limit the seller payout with any business rules. For example:

·        Profitability: The tool does not take into consideration whether the product that was sold was sold for a profit or not

·        Revenue Goals: The tool does not take into consideration whether the seller is achieving their revenue goals (i.e. that’s the only thing you sold the entire month)

Business Requirements:

In your role as a Scrum Business Analyst it is your job to write 4 high level user stories that would

·        At what level profit and revenue attainment would a sales rep be eligible for an incentive.

o  Could do weighted average

o  Could be a certain threshold between the two (profit and revenue)

o  Or focus just on profit or just revenue

·        How will this data be pulled out of the Tech Up sales system and sent to the vendor who determines the incentives.

·        Provide reporting to sales leadership on how many sales rep obtain incentives and why based on the profit and revenue targets.

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