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The size of the closet reveals the number of animals a man’s family is willing to pay at a bride price. The origin of this beautiful bead work is still not known. Being pastoralists, the Dinka have the good relationship with their animals, once every year the young take part in grazing. White bulls are Dinka favorites.

They also believe that cattle have a religious significance. When men become adults they do not refer themselves by their birth names. Instead, they adopt ox-names derived from their favorite bulls. From a very young age, the Dinka is taught the value of sharing responsibility. Boys tend goats and sheep while men look after herds of cattle. Girls assist their mothers in domestic chores. The Dinka has proved to be patient, tolerant, friendly and trustworthy. I also leant that the Dinka is monotheistic in that they belief in one deity. I was touched by the social problems highlighted by the duo Dinka’s as lacking proper prevention of mosquitoes and tsetse flies. The civil war took 30 years killing two million Dinka and injuring many others. The unique culture was lost during that time.

I disliked the fact that the presentation did not show the cultural heritage by the Dinka example the songs and dances. They did not show sporting and recreational activities. In addition, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith also failed to inquire more about the origin of the beautiful bead work and hence highlighted that it is still not known. In my opinion, important elements that I would like to apply are cultural art work, ways of life, religious beliefs and morals as honesty and hard work. These elements will promote peace and enhance our cultural

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