Hi, need to submit a 1250 words essay on the topic Analysis The Blind Faith of the One-Eyed Matador.

Juan Jose is a seasoned bullfighter (torero) in Spain who comes from a family with bullfighting brothers and a retired torero in his father. The author introduces the reader to the story showing Juan Jose and the Bull in the bullfighting zone and the event known as the Feria Del Pilar that is a highly anticipated date in the bullfighting calendar. The author describes the bull by revealing its name, Marques- ashy black. This allows the reader to see how the bull is huge and indicates the power and muscle that the bull has over Jose. The author also reveals that the bull is a 5-year-old bull and weighs 1,100 pounds. Russell then goes ahead to describe Juan Jose as a father of two, 38 years of age and one of top matadors in Spain. This sets the atmosphere for the reader because it makes the reader part of the action making him/ her feel present at the event (Russell 1).

Russell then describes the action that occurs between Padilla and Marques. The author’s description makes the reader feel as if Marques is a human being just like Juan Jose. For instance, the author states, “Padilla and Marques are alone in the sandy pit, but a carousel of faces swirls around them. A thousand eyes beat down on Padilla, causing sweat to bead on his neck” (Russell 1). This makes the reader feel as if Juan Jose and Marques are two fighting opponents with similar attributes (Russell 1).

The author describes in detail how Marques injures Juan Jose in the bullfighting match. Preceding the injury the author sets the atmosphere to prepare the reader for the worst. For instance, just after the match begins, she says, “A glancing blow from Marques unsteadies Padilla.

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