Need an argumentative essay on Buying Decision Assignment. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

rchase the laptop was also influenced by the social needs such as engaging with my friends and relatives through social sites including tweeter and face book. Based on my interest to understand the culture of other people, the laptop could assist me to research on ethnicity of other people including their languages and beliefs. Before I made my purchase, I had first to compare the prices in various shops as well as the best brand that could meet my needs. Additionally, a number of customers were still looking for the same laptop during the early morning hours.

The major factors influenced my purchase decision were efficiency, dependability, motivation and learning. As a new technology that is adopted my individuals and organizations, I realized that the laptop would assist me in storing information, providing solutions through the use of software, give me motivation during my research as well as make learning process easier.

The purchase was a high involvement decision. In most cases, consumers go for personal computers rather than laptops due to the high prices of the laptops. Additionally, laptops have a high risk of getting a fault especially if improperly handled.

As compared to my expectations after purchase, I realized that I had to extensively study most of the applications that were in the laptop as well as add more software into it in order to meet all my needs. One of the key concepts that I have learned from this assignment is that consumers are guided by various factors during their purchasing process (Kerin 31). These include economic needs, psychological variables, social needs, culture, and reasons for

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