Need an argumentative essay on Impact of Globalisation on Toyota. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Globalisation has played a major part in the emergence of automobile industry and Toyota has been a leading name in the industry which has also been impacted due to globalisation. The paper will discuss and explore the characteristics or issues of globalisation along with its impact on Toyota. Theoretical Framework Globalisation does not have any definite or specific definition. According to Vogel (2010), “Globalisation is known as the domination of the world economy by multinational companies”. Free trade policies and practices have enabled these large corporation entities to operate their business globally further influencing world economy. Capitalist nations have been mostly benefitted by globalisation. Trade and multinational companies have been highly benefited as a result of globalisation (Vogel, 2010). Globalisation has influenced the political as well as technical environment of the world. However, globalisation can be termed as practice of trading among the nations through the operations of the internationally operating corporations. The exchange of goods and services were possible as globalisation enabled these companies to operate in various nations facing minimum friction (Martin Frost, 2011). The effect of globalisation was noticeable after the World War II. The monetary and corporative movement was highly noticeable after the World War II which can be marked as increasing pace towards globalisation. The advancement of technology, establishment of new organisations along with introduction of legal policies and establishment of legal systems are highly responsible for globalisation to flourish and develop.

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