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This essay “Addressing the issue of childhood obesity” outlines the major factors of obesity and proposes solution of this health condition. Inclination to corpulence could be easier prevented in childhood through healthy way of life, daily physical activity, regulation of BMI, energy balance/intake and basal metabolic rate (BMR). “This means that each child will consume enough of the right kinds of food and beverages and get enough physical activity to maintain a healthy weight while supporting normal growth and development and protecting overall health.” (Koplan, Liverman and Kraak, 2005) In this case, erroneous nutrition could not be regarded as the only reason of children’s high obesity rate. It was conditioned by joint influence of different factors, including sedentary activities and reduction of PE lessons. In comparison with 5 – 7% of obese US children in 1976 – 1980, this number almost tripled in 2005. The same tendency was identified in all age groups, which meant that current health care policy of US could not deal with the forthcoming difficulties.

Statistical data for three preceding decades showed that US children tended to buying energy-dense food, “junk” food and soft drinks, which negatively impacted their health. According to Patricia Anderson and Kristin Butcher (2006), students’ consumption of non-diet sodas had quickly started growing since 1987. this trend remained steady in 1990 – 2000th. Food-away-from-home index almost doubled and, thus, children could oftener buy harmful drinks.

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