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The paper “Domestic violence impact on children” outlines that the violence is seemingly affecting the children more than other individual in families and society at large. Children have been reported to endure abuses of all manners, bodily abuse, and sexual as well as psychosomatic abuse. Domestic violence on children renders most of them vulnerable. with no one championing or advocating for their rights. Majority of the children who have undergone domestic violence are documented to have stress, trauma. others are not able to bear with the fact that their own parents or caretakers harass them to a degree of death.

According to Royal College of Psychiatrists (2004), subjection to violence for children is nothing less than life threatening circumstances. Physical violence on children has been described as the intentional pain or force inflicted on a child that causes severe pain to the individual. This form of abuse may include hitting the child, slapping, slashing using a weapon or even twirling of the child’s body parts. Sexual abuse has been described as forceful intimacy with a child that may either be rape, exposure to pornographic material to the children, vigorous oral sex or even forceful vaginal penetration. On the other hand, psychological abuse may entail the use of threatening statements to the children that may instill fear in their lives. Such threats may include statements that may suggest their assassination, isolation amongst others. It is of great importance that education on the need to stop domestic violence is done in a thorough way.

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