Need an argumentative essay on How to combat racism in schools and create positive learning environments. Needs to be 4 pages. Please no plagiarism.

How to combat racism in schools and create positive learning environments

A school is the best place to impart education on religious, cultural, gender and social equality. and to train young minds to look beyond all kinds of disparities, and to respect each other’s values and cultures. There are many ways a school can create an environment that can be positive, safe, and well suited to bring about a change in social racism. The learning environment in a school that has a safe and positive attitude would:

A learning environment is a part of the strategic plan that is developed on key concepts, like the basic core curriculum and a quality framework. “It embraces the physical and the psycho-social environment and is meant to help stimulate the pupils and apprentices in their personal development and identity. The Strategic Plan is furthermore meant to contribute to the development of ethical, social and cultural competence and to the ability to understand and take part in democratic processes”. A positive learning environment will discourage all kind of racism, violence, vandalism, or even bullying, while taking care that each student is given equal attention, and all their problems taken care of. While developing this positive learning atmosphere within a school educational framework, the teacher forms the most important resource. However, it is not the duty of one individual teacher to create this positive environment. and there must be the active support of all his colleagues, the school authority, the community members, and even the school children.

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