Write 1 page essay on the topic Identify someone who you think is a good leader.Describe the traits that you think are most important in making this person an effective leader.Would this persons leadership style work in situations other than his or her current positionWhy or why not.

nal leadership is characterized by four aspects which include a profound influence, consistent motivation & inspiration, intellectual stimulation and personalized consideration. Henry Ford possessed these characteristics of a leader. greatly understood the automobile had the vision of inventing the machine and making it available to the public readily and affordably. He believed by reducing price by a dollar the his sales would grow by 1000 and as a result of his perception many wanted to share his dream including famous personalities, investors and even his workers. He strongly believed in a motivated workforce and gave them rewarding conditions of work. Ford offered a minimum wage of $5 when the entire industry averaged at $2.34 and also allowed eight hours of word per day against the traditional nine hours. These moves rallied the support of workers towards the realization of his dream.

His intellectual stimulation also contributed towards realization of his dream. Always thinking in a transformational style, introduced a moving assembly line, believe in having minimal stocks and reducing wastage as much possible. His style made him so powerful in terms motivation and influencing business leadership. The style of leadership was powerful and can be applied beneficially any other situation for the many benefits. Transformational thinking encourages innovation and motivating ensures workers share the leaders

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