Need an argumentative essay on Differences in economic and political culture between Western Europe and the United States. Needs to be 9 pages. Please no plagiarism.

This paper is one of the best examples of thorough analysis of the underlying reasons, that stipulated the differences in economic and political cultures of Western Europe and United States. Western Europe and United States have different economic and political cultures. Although there have been cases where some cultures have adopted across Western Europe and America, there still remain major rifts between the two sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Issues of globalization and historical incidents such as the two World Wars and the Cold War have been l responsible for the different economic and political cultures between the US and countries of Western Europe. The histories of the United States and Western Europe shaped the political and economic cultures in the two regions. The greatest period was the enlightenment, where several philosophers came up with ideologues that influenced the developments in the two regions. While Western Europe adopted socialist ideologies, the United States adopted capitalism.

Western Europe is associated with welfare states. The welfare state concept is where the state plays a major role in the promotion and protection of socioeconomic well-being of the citizens. The welfare programs are intended to support various services

Capitalism is a political and social ideology that favours private ownership and control of resources over state control. Capitalism is often associated with free market and individualism. The United States in considered to the epitome of capitalism in the world.

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