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Private and Public Schools: The differences and Ultimate Goal

According to general definition, a public school is funded, maintained, and conducted by a private group other than government while public schools are maintained at public expenses or in other word from the tax money. The opponents vow that private schools detract students from their main objectives – education, and create social segregation for the future society. The proponents of private schools also refer to various benefits: (1) students build strong, personal relationship with their lecturers and instructors, as there is a special program planned to increase interaction and dialogue between the two, (2) both private high schools and private colleges have small class sizes, (3) private colleges have a significant amount of extra-curricular programs and activities that develop a strong sense about the community. The proponent of public schools explains that there are more competitions in public schools, and these schools are more innovative. The children of these schools know that they will have to face competitions in lives. family background will not help in achieving success in their future lives. The proponents also point to the following benefits:

(1) Students have more variety in selecting geographical areas of the nation,

(2) Fees are cheaper than that of private schools,

(3) Public colleges are much bigger and more equipped than the average private university, and students will be more comfortable with high student population.

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