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DHL is a global company involved in postal services finance and express. In DHL, a fundamental innovation represents a break with the past and fulfills a need that was not previously met. Air conditioners and television sets are examples of fundamental innovations — both meet previously unfulfilled needs. Their introduction requires considerable change in consumer purchase-and-use habits. A functional innovation requires some change in consumer habits but meets a need previously fulfilled. However, it meets the need in a superior manner. Automatic washers and dryers are examples. It is the least complex of all changes in the innovation spectrum. Minor product changes, color style, and package alterations fall into this category. To become an innovation, an invention or new idea must gain consumer acceptance. Innovation is inextricably intertwined with, and governed by, buyer behavior. Innovation focuses on such behavioral problems as acceptance of new products, brands, services, and processes, the diffusion of marketing information, resistance to change, informal leadership, and acceptance of risk. As a business strategy, innovation greatly affects corporate growth, survival, and profitability. It reflects the changing market wants and needs of customers. Innovation is stimulated by competition. Whenever new products or services are launched, business becomes concerned as to whether customers will accept them, and if they do, how long it will take for innovations to be profitable.

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