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&nbsp.Many entrepreneurs have strived to make their ways in China with different investment intentions that include creating a partnership with Chinese firms. Negotiations are never easy since there are special insights that are required for proper negotiations processes. There exist a number of complications that hinder negotiations inChinaa which are largely based on the complicated Chinese culture. Better negotiation styles and skills are therefore very necessary in bringing competitive advantages and benefits. Chinese culture has very great influence on her business negotiations. China’s culture and behavior should be viewed differently by investors since the economics within Greater China become more internally linked together. To create competitive advantage among foreign investors going to china, there is a dire need to train them in international manners and customs so that they can learn a better negotiation style that is appropriate for China. The collectivism, hierarchical, relationship and the haggling culture of Chinese people should be well understood particularly their long courting, formal and the fact that they prefer drawing on intermediaries when it comes to negotiation process. Dr. Robert Grosse authorized this research to further investigate the business managers’ perceptions regarding specific characteristics needed for successful negotiation in China. Dr. Robert B. Rogow, Dean of the College of Business and Technology at Eastern Kentucky University, will receive the finalized report on March 6, 2013.

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