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From the report it is clear that education has been going back and forth over years, and this is because we have been trying to improve the education style. The pendulum swing occurs due to the reason that, whenever we are trying to improve education, hence we set some procedures but unfortunately we left the objectives pending. The suspension of the predetermined goals are like rolling the ball up the hill and later living it rolling back before we get the ball at the apex of the hill. This trend of leaving the ball to roll back to the bottom of the hill has been going on in the education system. Hence, the education system has been swing just like the pendulum ball.

As the study highlights around 40 years ago, most parts of the world preferred the use of television as a learning tool. Most education movies were introduced. hence everyone was swing from teacher system to television learning system. Television was viewed as means of taking students globally to watch the realistic shows such as. kissing Queen Isabella goodbye. Moreover, the television was more efficient compared to the certified teacher because it was simple to replay what the students had not understood. The television was not emotional as compared to teacher hence it was friendly and fair to students. Educational pendulum exists due to the vicious cycles in the society. The society undergoes long-term cycles. Vicious cycles in the society undergo changes which eventually go back to the initial starting point. Same as the education system cycles exist bringing about the education pendulum.

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