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The government has also stared improving some of the social services contributing to some illnesses including homelessness by providing rental programs on cheaper houses. The other programs include residential aged care programs, disability programs as well as those on maternal and child care (Eckerman, et al. 2010). The aboriginals are still being faced with racism and discrimination and this puts them at a disadvantage for health programs as they are left behind. Their health problems have therefore constantly failed to be mainstreamed with of other ethnic groups. As a result of them being discriminated, they have minimal health services within their reach and the few present are not accessible as these people are located in remote parts of the country and access becomes difficult at all times (Dudgeon, Milroy & Walker, 2013). In a bid to improve cross-cultural understanding, it is the work of the government and the relevant private sectors to start public recognition of the aboriginals. This will contribute towards ending the discrimination and prejudice that has surrounded these people and hence start improving their chances of getting quality and accessible health care. Education should be encouraged through different programs which will foster gaining of knowledge on the general issues but specifically concentrate on nutrition, prevention medicine among other health care issues. Lastly, integration of the aboriginals into other government programs other than just the welfare programs will foster equality.

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