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At the onset of the distributorship agreement, the two companies enjoyed a significantly good relationship. Nissan M.C took more time to observe and influence the operations of Datsun U.K, encouraging it to reinvest its profit. It even amended the automatic renewal clause of the distribution agreement and increased it from three years to five years. The relationship between the three main leaders, Octav Botnar of Datsun U.K., chairman Katsuji Kawamata and president Takashi Ishihara of Nissan M.C was healthy. The leadership style adopted by both Nissan U.K and Nissan M.CThe abrasive leadership style of Botnar was the mean reason behind the success of Datsun U.K. Similarly the leadership provided by Takashi Ishihara, the president of Nissan M.C was supportive. Botnar could refer any operational difficulties he faced directly to Ishihara. This provided a conducive environment for the growth of both companies. While Bonnar’s leadership was aggressive, Ishihara’s management decision-making was purely on seniority. This meant that those with more seniority got to work in more important roles. This is another key issue evident in the study here. An establishment of a new manufacturing facility in the U.K was motivated by the strong market in the U.K. The negotiations began in early in the mid-1980s between Octav Botnar, Nissan M.C officials and the U.K minister of state. By end of 1986 operations began in Sunderland. The new stanza model was the first to be made here and by 1993 the annual turnover was 300,000 cars.

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