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The researcher states that there are many facts, that to be understood from the interview with Jay Townsend, who is a mediocre entrepreneur in New York City. The main factor which attracted the researcher to him was the amount of energy and high spirit embedded in this charismatic business man. The researcher states that it is like he is seeing the same young man, who has started his venture in an adverse business environment with all positive energy and determination. Generally speaking, it can be understood that an entrepreneur is not a normal man, but one with exceptional courage, will power, creativity and dynamic personality. He has this ever sparking aura in him that attracts people around him to perform things which are productive and positive. It can be analyzed that starting a venture can be relatively easy, than making it a successful business firm in the competitive market. The researcher learnt from Jay that being optimistic and realistic is the key elements to be a successful entrepreneur. “Successful entrepreneur has fire in the belly to get going, but are also realistic and practical. They are not emotionally attached to their business idea.” To make a business run successfully needs a lot of patience and understanding of customer needs and wants. One should be ready to suffer losses and failures and consequently to rise ahead in the future with a long term success and prosperity. No business is a cake walk, but a tremendous team work and significant risk taking can make it an adventurous experience.

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