Need an argumentative essay on The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment. Needs to be 7 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Rothschild (2008) argues that some of the symptoms of PTSD include: headaches, irritability, difficulty in concentrating, lack of interest, nightmares among others. Complications brought about by PTSD are depressions, panic attacks, alcohol and drug abuse among others. Treatment can be administered through early diagnosis of the disorder, prompt treatment and ensuring there is a strong social support system. It is, therefore, crucial for the patient to talk about their feelings to people they confide in, and seek medical attention immediately they start experiencing such symptoms.

The impact of experiencing trauma on the human body and somatic memory is brought out in this book. Traumatized persons can recall these events in their mind and body and this memory is expressed through PTSD, startle response, nightmares, flashbacks and other dissociative behaviors. The body cannot forget these experiences as they are engraved in the mind. Rothschild highlights the techniques and principles for giving the body what it requires. She incorporates knowledge on the psychobiology of response to stress in both normal situations which are challenging in extreme traumatic events. This helps clinicians to have a clear idea when determining the patients’ symptoms including considerations for the body into their practice. Rothschild narrates past experiences when dealing with PTSD and the process involved in treatment. Rothschild keenly, adeptly highlights the ways of incorporating somatic work with clear case study examples and techniques.

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