Write 3 page essay on the topic Perspectives on Caring About Animals.

Third, the book explains the human-animal bond (Davis 29).&nbsp. The book explains that having pets generates a healthy environment. By having pets, the elderly person can be preoccupied with an activity that keeping boredom out of the home.&nbsp.&nbsp. The book also shows the important of giving space to the animals to do their thing. Doing their thing includes sleeping, roaming around, feeding, self hygiene, and even mating. Impact.The book creates a great impact on my current knowledge about pet care (Davis 57). The book adds significant knowledge to my daily preparation pet nutrition. The book enumerates the vitamin and mineral requirements of my favorite pet dog. My application of the book’s food discussion has generated big results. My pet dog had metamorphosed from a lazy sleepy dog to a more active and playful ball retriever. Whenever I play catch the ball game, my pet dog runs faster, higher, and whoops (dog sound) more excitedly. The nutrition part of the book has allowed my pet dog to have more playing time. After feeding my dog the necessary vitamin and other energy-boosting food requirements, my pet dog’s energy&nbsp.&nbsp. has quadrupled. Research Perspectives.&nbsp. &nbsp.The book greatly contributes to my research perspectives (Davis 29). The book adds to my current knowledge about pet care. The book rejects many of the traditional ways of caring for animals. Many of the traditional ways are not medically approved by the authorized pet care authority, Medical Veterinarian.&nbsp. The book discusses the social values about pets (Davis 137).

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