DMI: A Hypothesis The Data Management Investigation

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The general idea is how level of education impacts employment rates. You still need to make a hypothesis based on these variables.

Hypothesis: The more education an individual has, the higher chance they have of being employed.

DMI: A Hypothesis

We must start with a hypothesis. A hypothesis must be presented as a statement, not as a question. Your hypothesis should focus on a relationship between two variables. Both variables should be quantitative and preferably continuous.

You must also explain why you believe your hypothesis to be true.

DMI: A Plan

Now you have a hypothesis, you need to decide what data you need to collect, and how much of it.

Your hypothesis involves two variables. You should look to collect data on these variables, but also data on variables that might be related.

For example, if you pick the hypothesis above (People who are better at Math are better at estimating time), you should ask yourself what other factors might affect how good people are at estimating time. You might come up with the following;



Time of day

Heart rate

You should therefore collect data for these variables too.

Your plan should state:

What data you are going to collect

For each variable, whether it is qualitative or quantitative, discrete or continuous, ordinal or nominal

How much data you are going to collect (a rough estimate would be a minimum sample size of 40, but the more, the better)

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