Write a 2 page essay on History of Salsa.

The French individuals migrated to the region of Haiti and with them travelled Danzon which happens to be the country dance of the region of France (Steward 37). Later Danzon was combined with the dances practiced by the Africans and is recognized as rhumbas which include Colombia and Guaguanco. Later another dance was added to the combination of Danzon and rhubas, this dance was recognized as Son and was practiced by the natives of Cuba and this dance itself came into being due to a mixture of two dances including sonero and drumbeats of Africa. The combination of these dances was experienced by Cuban people at a very huge level and it was experienced in other areas such as Puerto and Colombia but not at a very grand stage.

Before the World War II took place, salsa music initially was practiced in the regions of New York and the city of Mexico and the music gained its name and recognition as “Salsa” in the land of New York (Steward 57). The term came into existence during the period of 1933 when Ignacio Pinerio who was a cuba based music composer created a song called Echale Salsita (Steward 8). The term was recognized by the musician while he was having food and realized that the food did not have spices that are found in Cuban food. This means that the term Salsa was used in order to protest against food that lacked spices. The word was then made popular as it was associated with several kinds of music such as Son, Mambo, rhumba, Cumbia and several others. Later huge amount of funds were used to make the music popular and this led to the creation of Salsa music that was used for commercial purposes.

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