Need an argumentative essay on Substituting Nonrenewable Energy with Renewable Energy. Needs to be 2 pages. Please no plagiarism.

Statistics have indicated that over 85 percent of the energy used is from non-renewable sources. Examples of non-renewable energy include nuclear power and fossil fuel such as oil and coal (Field et al. 2008). These sources of energy are considered as non-renewable because they cannot be regenerated enough to keep pace with their utilization. On the other hand, renewable energy is generated from natural sources such as tide, rain, sun, and wind and it can be regenerated over and over as and when required. Renewable energy sources are inexhaustible, plenty, and the cleanest sources of energy (Macqueen, 2011). Similarly, energy from biomass from plants, geothermal, and wind can be transformed to electricity for both domestic and industrial use (Field et al. 2008). Environmental problems such pollution and ozone layer depletion resulting from energy wastes have called for the need to substitute non-renewable energy with renewable energy. This is primarily intended to conserve the environment by adopting clean sources of energy, and preserving the scarce sources of non-renewable energy (Macqueen, 2011). The need to substitute a non-renewable biomass energy source by a renewable biomass is of significance because an energy fuel, which increases carbon dioxide concentration, in the atmosphere, is replaced with energy fuel that reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere (Field et al. 2008). Renewable biomass reduces anthropogenic emissions, into the atmosphere because it involves complete energy consumption.

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