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The World Health Organization highlights the primary objective for health information systems as. the need to collect, analyze and package date and impart the outcomes to others to aid in policy making. In one hand, this implies enhancing nurses access to lab results and diminishing hindrances between perceptions made by various medicinal services suppliers. On the other hand, policy making can be expanded through the execution of a healing center wide clinical choice emotionally supportive network that recovers packs of information and educates the fitting people at the proper time. A good example of such system is Electronic Health Records

Ahima (2011) defines an Electronic Health Record (EHR) as a modern version of patient’s medical history, that is updated and maintained by clinicians over a given period of time. Liang (2010) further acknowledges that the contents of EHR are a lot and may encompass all important records on the administration and clinical data that are key to patient’s welfare. Such may include. patient’s progress notes, demographics, ailments, medications, laboratory data, medical history, radiology reports as well as immunization records. All these tons of information show why it is important for nurses to have a modern and integrated system that automates access to information. Some of the basic benefits of EHR include streamlining clinical workflow, quality management and many more as discussed in this paper.

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