Hi, I need help with essay on Children as Writers: Issues Relating to Effective Teaching of Writing. Paper must be at least 3500 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

In this paper, the key stages that will be subject to critical analysis are the stages involving children as writers. It is posited that children tend to write as they speak when they begin to write. Though this may be the case, spoken language is different from written language in several ways, normally pushed by the permanence of the written word, the necessity to be concise and the often separation of the reader from the writer in time and space. More explicit grammatical structures and other organisational features are used by writers in their pursuit to communicate ideas, which are not the case with speakers whose reliance is on context, facial expressions, and pauses. It has been a pursuit of the new Primary Framework that the literacy of children is ensured alongside effective means on how to make children writers. The creation of children writers and the specified processes that goes with it is said to heighten the standard of school curricula aiming to raise the writing and language skills of children.

This paper makes a conclusion that the issues relating to the effective teaching of writing is presented in this paper on the concept of children as writers. It is said that children writers must build around a certain sequence in order to truly learn the process of writing. The issues relating to the effective teaching of writing depicted in this paper are relevant support and independent writing, effective writing, and concreteness and abstract character of writing.

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