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One of the main conquests of Beowulf was ripping the arm of Grendel that eventually led to the monster’s painful death. Beowulf became very proud. He was described in the text by the narrator as: “His vanity swelled him so vile and rank/ That he could hear no voices but his own. He deserved/ to suffer and die. But Beowulf was a prince/ Well-loved, followed in friendship, not fear .” The arm and hand of Grendel was a trophy, a symbol of Beowulf’s might because even swords cannot cut through the thick skin of the monster. A bard retold the story of Beowulf’s fight with Grendel while Hrothgar praised him and accepted him as a son. This further incensed Beowulf’s pride to pursue not only the Grendel but the mother herself. Indeed, Beowulf succeeded in defeating Grenfell’s mother as well as the dragon. however, not without repercussions. Although Beowulf transformed from a might warrior to a benevolent king, still, it was in his blood to fight with enemies. His last fight was with the dragon that cost him his dear life and left his kingdom without a leader. It was not a wise decision because Beowulf should have admitted to himself that his strength is at much lesser level when he became old. Wiglaf cannot help conclude that “Often when one man follows his own will / many are hurt. This happened to us”. Beowulf’s death may seem heroic to most people for he defeated a formidable enemy. Unfortunately, his untimely death also leaves his kingdom vulnerable to attacks thus his own people that he intended to protect.

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