Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: Demographic And Disease Trends And Healthcare Services.

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From the above table, it is evident that the percentage of the older population is increasing since 1950. The percentage of the older population in 1950 was 8.15 of the total population and it is around 12.8% now. It is assumed that the percentage of the older population may increase in coming years and it may reach 20.2% in 2050. “Stated another way, one in five persons in 2050 will be aged 65 or older” (Shrestha &amp. Heisler, p.13).

Changing demographics and environmental factors are contributing heavily to the aging processes or increased life span of people. Better healthcare delivery and better living standards are the reasons for the increased life spans of the people. Moreover, medical science has advanced a lot and majority of the threatening diseases in the past are under the control of human now. The current generation is practicing healthy diet habits which in turn improve their health conditions and life span.

However, there are certain environmental factors which are causing challenges in maintaining proper health. For example, increased use of fertilizers, chemicals, and pesticides in the agricultural field are causing huge health problems to the people. In other words, modern food items contain toxic ingredients which are causing severe diseases such as cancer, coronary problems, diabetes etc. It should be noted that a fast food culture is spreading rapidly among Americans irrespective young or old. Fast foods are easy to cook and cheaper than the conventional food.

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