Be sure to pay attention to the information regarding budgeting, vendor contracting, and implementation.  You will find valuable information under the “Lesson Content” link. If  you are unable to access the AHIMA article for this week, please click  the link below. 

 RFP Process for EHR Systems _2010 update_.pdf  

Locate a description of the products and services available through a vendor of an EHR system on the web. you will research an EHR system and answer 4 questions in a 1 page paper. Feel free to write out the questions and then answer them. Make sure your answers are in essay format (no bullet points). 

Write a 1 page paper that evaluates the information you were able to view at this time about

  • the vendor that would help you decide whether or not to use them, 
  • and what you see as the limitations of the marketing information provided by the website.

Then answer the following questions:

  • What qualifications does the seller of this system describe on their website?
  • What areas would you want to know more about that are not listed and readily available on the website?

Be sure to cite your source(s) and make sure your paper is free of spelling and grammar errors.


Paper is at least 1 page in length

Paper evaluates the information as indicated. Does not just repeat information provided on the website.

Paper answers the questions, identifying at least one limitation of marketing information

Paper cites the sources and is free of spelling and grammar errors

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