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Preparation of a critical review

On the other hand, the review of the text should be objective in the sense that it should not be based on speculation but rather on concrete evidence and examples presented in the text. Further, it should be based on subjective criteria where the reviewer offers his personal opinion. Book review enables the reader to know about the content of the text under consideration and the reviewer’s opinion about the text. In some instances, we have a third role of reviewing a text in that it helps us to relate the work under review to our own work. A critical book review incorporates the following aspects i. Introduction In this part, the reviewer starts with certain questions. For instance, the reviewer should ask himself. who wrote the book, was the author qualified to write on that subject? Why did they write the book? What is book talking about? Did the book contain a thesis? If the reviewer is in a position to answer these questions, they will be able to evaluate the book. In turn, the reviewer will be able to mention or name the title of the text and name of the author. Further, the reviewer should clarify the main purpose of the book and develop their personal critical thought about the subject under discussion. ii. Summary The reviewer should briefly summarize the main points of the book. The reviewer looks at the main ideas of the author, the procedures the author used in the study, the results obtained, and the conclusions.

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