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Going and earning in these countries also helps them to save more money during these hard economic times. It is hard to earn and save in countries like Greece where the basic commodities are only getting more expensive every year. It has become very hard to afford even the most basic necessities in countries like Greece and Spain and people are migrating so that they could earn and save and send some money back to their families. Low standard of living has been another cause of migrating. People spend most of their time in work and even after doing that they do not get the chance to spend on commodities that please them. Leisure products and services are becoming expensive in different parts of Europe and the UK is no exception to that. The cost of watching the favorite sports in England, which is football, is nearly four times more than watching football or any other sports in Germany. Even after earning and saving people in England are not being able to spend money on products and services they desire. The lack of standard in living is forcing people to move from places in Europe where they cannot afford to spend money on leisure activities to other places like Germany where it is much easier to afford time in leisure activities. One other advantage of moving to a country like Germany is that it allows people to spend time on leisure activities. People are allowed to spend as much time as they want on leisure activities as the government believes that peace of mind is as important as putting time for work.

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