Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: International Fashion Textiles Marketing.

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The essay “International Fashion Textiles Marketing” explores the Textile Market and International Fashion. The paper also discovers the Textile and apparel industry in India. The Indian market consists of all the menswear, children swear, and women swear. The menswear consists of the casual, essentials, outerwear, and formalwear-occasions. The women swear consist of active wear, essentials, formalwear, and casual wear. The children’s wear consists of both the girls and boys wear such as essentials, formal wear, and active wear for girls. The political instability will ensure that the manufacturing facilities of the company are safe. The Indian economy is among the few economies that were not affected by the 2008/09 great recession. Coupled with the increasing GDP, the consumer power for fashion and textile products is increasing as more disposable income also increases. The Indian population is increasing steadily and this will increase the market base for textile products. In addition, the Indian people are undergoing a cultural change as they embrace the western culture, and this may include embracing products manufactured by Levi Strauss. the Indian market has moved from manual manufacture of clothing to use of high tech machines in designing and manufacturing clothing products. The developed Indian technology will improve Levi Strauss’ efficiency and improve its productivity. The Indian government has strong environmental protection regulations that require companies to produce the minimum dioxide.

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