Hi, need to submit a 4250 words essay on the topic Strategic Management Case Study.

Exploratory research is the research into an area that has not been studied and in which a researcher wants to expand initial ideas and a more alert research question. I will be using this method supporting the research with a sturdy literature review.

I have mainly used secondary data from the previous researches, surveys and some contemporary issues to support the idea. The minor information services register and describe main documents for the reason of retrieval and documentation. Secondary literature such as subject bibliographies, citation indexes, library catalogues and databases analyses, describes and registers primary literature (mainly but not exclusively) in these bibliographical instruments . The central working processes of the secondary sources are analysis, storage and dissemination. In the model abstracting and indexing services, libraries, information centres, clearinghouses and data centres are considered secondary information services, but each with particular functions to perform .

One of the foremost advantages of using secondary data is that it helps the researcher formulate and understand better the research problem, broadening at the same time the base for scientific conclusions to be drawn. Nevertheless, it should be taken under consideration that other researchers, organization or government departments for studies with different objectives and purposes collected the data. therefore, it might not be suitable for the current research .

I will also use conclusive research design techniques.

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