Need an argumentative essay on Cezanne’s treatment of pictorial depth. Needs to be 14 pages. Please no plagiarism.

The essay “Cezanne’s treatment of pictorial depth” concerns the painting of Cezanne. His compositions reveal innovative techniques such as the use of colour and intensity, as well as the interaction between the three-dimensional with the two-dimensional plane of the composition for creating pictorial depth. Important non-traditional elements in his work relate to the use of distortion and flat surfaces in his paintings. Paul Cezanne’s art consisted of steadfast searching and growth, and was not a process of creating masterpieces easily. He struggled with himself and his medium and produced classical works in which he achieved detachment by mastery over chaotic impulses. The restlessness of his early art gave way to Impressionism which guided Cezanne to use nature as his inspiration. The Provencal landscape captivated Cezanne more than any other. During the 1890s, he spent most of his time in Aix, however, making frequent trips to Paris. In the summer of 1896, at a health resort in Talloires on Lake Annecy, he painted the following composition of the lake seen in Figure 1, “one of the most impressive of all the landscapes that Cezanne painted outside Provence”. In figure 1. above, of lake Annecy, the water’s surface appears dense and solid, its effect is motionless and tectonic or caused by structural deformation of the earth’s crust, similar to the mountain in the background which appears as an immense solid mass. Before composing this painting, Cezanne absorbed the scene, registering colour sensations.

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