Complete 7 page APA formatted essay: International Development Is Best Helped Through Free Trade.

This report stresses that countries have learned to use free trade to improve their economies or foreign relations with their neighbors . In spite of research efforts to understand, the concept of free trade, definitive findings on the subject are still limited. Compared to related areas such as business management, diplomacy, and foreign relations, free trade has received less research recognition and attention and deserves better. This topic is an attempt to do justice to the concept of free trade by providing more critical, comprehensive and relevant perspectives on the subject. Students, managers, business owners, leaders and teachers need to develop a better and deeper understanding of free trade, and this international development is best helped by free trade. Based on the literature review and the examination of collected data, all indications are that there is a positive correlation between international development and free trade. In addition, the research shows that when all conditions are constant, the relationship between international development and free trade is directly proportional. Various observations and have been made, and there is considerable proof that free trade has a positive impact on international development. Another inference is that free trade is a multidisciplinary and multifaceted concept that is easy to misconstrue because of its wide scope. It is important for researchers to use critical skills when analyzing the concept of free trade on its own, without relating it to other variables.

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