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The funding on many occasions during the recessions seems to be on a difficult side for many of the small scale entrepreneurship. As a result the company often ends up not completely being successful on achieving milestones of growth and expansion they might have anticipated.

1.2 Background History that Set the Problem

Calsoft group and provides outsourced product engineering services to both established companies and start ups. It was a firm set up in 1992 to provide accelerate the development of software products and reduce time to market through its high-end software engineering skills in cutting-edge technologies, proven processes, methodologies and tools. Their full life cycle services include product development, testing & QA, sustenance engineering, embedded hardware design and embedded software development (Calsoft). Since the founding of the Calsoft in 1992 the company has gone through ups and downs, and accomplished quiet many acquisitions. In 2004 the have acquired 100% stake in Webspectrum Software Ltd., Bangalore, India. They started to grow as an international concern in the year 2005 by setting up the operations in Dubai, and acquired majority holdings of Informed Decisions Corp., Alameda.CA and American HealthNet (AHN)’Omaha, Nebraska. 2006-’07 saw again more of the acquisition of majority stakes many firms such as Acquired majority stake in Inatech Infosolutions London, UK & Bangalore, India and Aspire Communications Mysore, India & San Jose, USA.

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