Create a 5 page essay paper that discusses Transport Management.

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The researcher of this essay focuses on the logistics outsourcing, that has become a significant growing issue in Supply chain management systems to meet its customer satisfaction at the rate of a ‘click’. As the outsourced logistic providers (3PL/4PL) are coming out with new capabilities of ITES (IT Enabled services) like optimization, customer order tracking, Help desks, customer contact centers, Order management, global warehouse suppliers with global track opportunities, the owner company is getting low cost service with minimal technology up gradation. With this the maturity of the supply chain management transforms from network formation to value chain formation, leading to the managed outsource of 3PL/4PL services. Though contracts of outsourcing are administered and managed by structured processes, some of the past experiences are showing their fatal demolition. Hence the present essay aims to identify reasons of this impact of integration with Lead logistics provider upon the ‘Human Factor’. And the focus is further made on to identify a solution to bring the human resources into the flow by clearing the ambiguity in the relationships between systems. The benefits of the above approach ensures that all aspects of the supply chain are capable of implementing the change and that the organization as a whole is mature enough to understand where the targets and benefits are to be gained. With this perspective the Transport management will become more sophisticated and more useful to serve the exact need.

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