hi can you help me with this assessment 2 and 3 diploma of business BSBRSK501

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RHODES COLLEGECRICOS Code: 02992ERTO No.: 21870ASSESSMENT 2 – CASE STUDIES – STUDENT INFORMATIONThis information is to be handed to each student to outline the assessment requirements.Student Instructions:These case studies are to be completed in groups of 2 to 3 fellow studentsYou will each need to submit an individual copy of your responses for this component butyou can work on the outcomes as a groupCASE STUDY ONE: Kupfull Taxation and Wealth SolutionsKupfull Taxation and Wealth Solutions is a national company of over 1300 employees that offer taxationand wealth management services across the country. It is a highly regulated industry and there aremany laws that must be adhered to.The company is divided into 5 divisions which are:Personal TaxationSmall Business TaxationCorporate ServicesPersonal Wealth CreationCorporate Asset ManagementAssessment A: ScopeYou have been asked to conduct a risk management assessment for the entire organisation. Yourmanager has requested that you prepare a response to this request in the form of a report. This reportapprox. 500 words) will need to cover the following elements:Synopsis of the scale of the programAdvantages of a scope of this sizeDifficulties and Challenges of a scope of this sizeAlternative approaches to the management of risk at Kupfull Taxation ServicesScope Report: (min. 500 words)Page 10 of 25

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