All you need to do is last part  where I highlighted in the buttom  

At the beginning of the course, you completed the following discussion: 


For this discussion post I want you to reflect upon your relationship to technology. What have been your interactions with technology? What have been your experiences? Good, bad, neutral? How have you used technology? How has technology used you? How do you view technology in society?

Think about these questions, and other questions that may come up during your reflection. Please keep your response between 1 – 2 pages. 


Once posted, please review the other posts. I would like each of you to identify 2 – 3 themes that begin to emerge. Please review as many posts as possible. Place as a response to your original post. 

Once you have identified 2 – 3 themes, please respond to two other classmates posts. 

For your final assignment, I would like you to review your initial post to the discussion, and then do the following:

Reflect upon your initial narrative, your course readings, articles, the iPencil article, and your discussion posts and responses. What has changed? Has your understanding of technology changed? Has your attitude toward technology changed? Your relationship to technology – how you use, and used by, technology? Reflect upon your own personal growth and inconsideration of critical and analytical thinking, respond to how your perspective may have changed. This is not a discussion post. This is your own personal reflection of your growth over the course of this class.

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