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It can be said beyond doubt that academic education plays an important role in sharpening and broadening the minds of the students, however practical application of the theoretical studies do much more. Providing vocational education in the high schools also diversify the curriculum, providing students with greater learning and experience. If a person wishes to pursue a career in a technical field, he needs to have a solid foundation and practice to ensure a successful career. This foundation can be made if high schools offer optional vocational education to its students. Vocational education also prepares the students for their practical life by granting them exposure to the practical work. If the students get vocational education during their high school, they can also polish their skills by working part time in the related field. so that by the time, their high school is finished, they would be ready to follow their respective careers. Providing vocational education in high school also allows the students to recognize their interests so that, in future they can opt for a career that suits their liking. The market for skilled technical labor is constantly on the rise. Technical workers are hugely in demand and thus get high compensations for their work. For the country to fulfill its technical needs, it requires a greater supply of such labor. Not everyone plans on attending further education in university or college.

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