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There is tremendous increase in the sales of fast food bars as compared to restaurants revealed by recent surveys. People are still very much interested in fast food. (Mintel Report-March 2004)

Barry’s Burger Bar (BBB) is a business in a busy university town in England. BBB operates in a very competitive environment. The market structure within which BBB operates dictates the pricing policies, advertising strategy and profitability potential. Barry has been considering changing his prices in order to increase his sales (total revenue). In this assignment we would determine the Business Strategy for BBB as consultants.

Although Barry is quite free to make his own policies regarding marketing and pricing but he should have to consider the main factors that are influencing market. For this purpose he need to conduct a brief survey on his own or with the help of his associates to collect the data about his competitors and market forces. By collecting reliable data correct business strategy can be formulated. For this purpose analysis and scenarios Model can be employed (Lynch Richard Corporate Strategy 2003)

Brief Analysis: BBB is situated in a busy area and its frequent customers are students and University staff. As it is understandable that purchasing power of students is comparatively low. As they have to finance their studies and their day to day expenses either with the support of parents or by doing low paid part time jobs. These conditions reduce the purchasing power of the students.

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