Book: Understanding ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCs: A Worktext(9781435481589)1. Chapter 25 Case 1Emergency departmental noteJustin was brought to the emergency room with a broken left tibia. Justin was sky diving and due to a wind shift, he landed in a tree. After a complete examination and scans, the broken tibia is the only injury found. The final diagnosis is a displaced fracture of the lateral condyle of the left tibia due to a parachutist landing in a tree.Main term: ___________, IDC-10-CM Code Assignment: ________, ________ (Points : 15) 2. Chapter 25 Case 2 Emergency departmental noteThis is a three-year-old patient who was playing outside and received a cut by slipping and falling on an icy sidewalk and landing on a piece of broken glass on the ground.Exam: There is a 1 cm laceration of the right hand. The wound was cleaned and searched for any remaining pieces of glass. No foreign body was found.Procedure: Dermabond and glue was used to repair the laceration. Plan: patient will follow up with her pediatrician in one week to check on healing.Main term: ___________, IDC-10-CM Code Assignment: _______, _______ (Points : 20) 3. Chapter 25 Case 3 Physician office noteThis is a 27-year-old male who is here for a follow-up visit after falling into the bath tub full of water and causing a contusion of the right shoulder centimeter. He said the pain level is down to a level 2 from a 10 on his last visit. There was a follow-up x-ray done and no fracture or other irregularities are noted. He will continue with ibuprofen as needed. Main term: ___________, IDC-10-CM Code Assignment: _______, _______ (Points : 15)

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