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Experiments by Cherry (1953) and Moray (1959) exemplifies that although the environment has an overwhelming auditory stimulus, our ears cannot capture the “exact state” of the environment.In an experiment by Sperling (1960), subjects were asked to stare at a blank screen. Then 12 letters were flashed in one-twentieth of a second. The subjects were asked to state the letters they had seen. Although the subjects did claim that they had seen around 12 letters, they fail to name it. Sperling hypothesized that the entire letter-array figure registered briefly in sensory memory, but the figure disappeared too quickly for subjects to “see” all the letters. Regardless if the eyes did capture the “exact” state of the screen, storage of this information into the working memory failed.To show that sensory information can sometimes, if not most of the times, provide inaccurate information, Treisman and Schmidt (1982) conducted an experiment in which subjects were first asked to attend to various colored letters both in and out of the visual field. When asked, subjects reported elements which were actually not present (as cited in Anderson, 2004). In order to demonstrate that sensory information still needs to be processed to a working memory to be interpreted and recalled, a parallel study by Shepard and Teghtsoonian (1961) presented participants with a long series of three-digit numbers and asked them to identify repeated numbers all the while varying a number of numbers in between repeats.

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