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The paper “Future Fashion Shows” looks at examples and the experiences in the past, compares them with the current trends, and uses them to predict, or analyze future trends. Fashion and beauty adherents will find this paper very useful, insightful and informative. Since time immemorial, man has always been inclined to beauty and accessories. In fact, instances of beauty are recorded even in the Bible. The concept of beauty is as old as time. People have always relied on other people’s perception of them. They dress to look the part, and probably to please themselves. In the past, women were especially associated with beauty. Many are the hours they could take behind their closed doors choosing what best accentuated their physiques. They would match their apparels with well-chosen accessories. Those days, the media had not taken central stage in depicting beauty or at least setting the standards of beauty. In the current world, however, these have changed. Different forms of media seem to take center stage and perhaps set the standards of beauty, which begs the important question of what is the role of the media in influencing the hype and craze with beauty and fashion show? In any case, different designers for their various unique talents have used the fashion shows as marketing platform. Today, everywhere people turn their head to, they will be sure to see an element of fashion and design. of beauty and accessories. One then wonders about what the future of the fashion industry.

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