Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Acting & Performance in Film.

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This essay discusses various tools of the craft of acting as used by Louise Fletcher in the Film One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Kieu Chinh in the film Joy Luck Club. Lastly, the researcher of this essay also highlights some of the similarities and differences of their choice of acting tools. Some of the main tools commonly used by actors and actresses in the contemporary film industry and discussed in this essay by the researcher are endowment, relationships, display of emotions, character private moments, action (verbal and physical) and personalization. The researcher firstly discusses important stylistic acting tools, that were used by Louse Fletcher in her role as nurse Ratchet, such as her heightened language and many else. The researcher states that this important tools used by her not only show the development of her character, but also captures the theme of tyranny, that was presented in the film. In addition to that, the researcher also discusses acting tools that were used by Kieu Chinh, who is a famous Vietnamese American actress best known for her role as Suyuan Woo in the film The Joy Luck Club. The film, which was produced in 1993, is largely about the clash between Chinese and American cultures as evidenced in the complex relationships between Chinese-American women and their conservative Chinese mothers. To conclude, the researcher provides a detailed comparison on the topic of differences and similarities in the acting choices of Louse Fletcher and Kieu Chinh.

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