Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: The Influences Of Reading And Writing In Life.

Despite the fact that I was not good in mathematics and athlete, writing and reading offered me the self-esteem I badly needed. Even though I had zero chance of winning in the field, I was able to contest with the best kids and turned out to be the best. Spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and grammar, and reading were the areas I knew I was talented in, and so was creative writing. This very aspect has been noticed both by my parents, who had seen my good grades, and teachers, who had issued those grades for my progress. As a result, reading has not only discovered a new impressive world of literature for me but also has shown me the way to self-improvement in all respects. The passion I had for writing and reading has improved my life in numerous ways. Through reading a lot of books, I have gained so much knowledge about life and the world we live in. Also, it enabled me to escape the actual tribulations and trials of the world. I cannot be able to jot down all the books I have managed to read through the centuries since they are just too many. But every book has made an impact on my life in a way, and the writing skills have enabled me to be creative and also developed my language-arts capabilities. All these have assisted me to overcome the flaws initiated by my NLD, and in this day and age, it plays a greater role. As a grown-up now I have gained a formal education in creative writing and through reading books like “The Institute of Children’s Literature,” my creative writing has improved professionally.

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