Complete 3 page APA formatted essay: Applying Universal Design for Learning to Inclusive Classrooms in Saudi Arabia.

As the report declares the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia attempts to upgrade education to advanced levels to keep pace with advances in science and technology and human knowledge. It has paid increasing attention to special needs, especially in the last decade. The educational system for students with disabilities has improved dramatically since it began several years ago. The Kingdom also has not separated special education for public education at the level of attention.

According to the paper findings the laws and regulations in Saudi Arabia has supported the implementation of student with disabilities in general education and has successfully included services for students with disabilities in the public school, these improvements was not followed by effective strategies to implement these programs effectively. The teachers are still unprepared to use appropriate teaching methods to teach students with disabilities alongside with their peers. This paper aims to provide a solution for them by addressing the strategy of Universal Design for Learning as a potential approach to ensure the equal opportunity for all students to participate in the general curriculum. Universal design of learning has not been addressed in my country, Saudi Arabia. It is an emerging topic that being discussed, but, there is no research conducted in this topic yet. With the introduction of inclusive classrooms in Saudi Arabia, there have been an increasing number of diverse students in classrooms.

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