Need an argumentative essay on Leadership and the Symbolic Framework. Needs to be 3 pages. Please no plagiarism.

On the other side, when an ineffective leadership is considered, a symbolic leader is compared to a fanatic or a fool who leads through the use of smoke and mirror. This means, the symbolic leader, in this case, will be using false symbols that are ineffective in driving to effective leadership to the people. In an ineffective leadership situation, the leader is one that uses symbols in his leadership option but that only acts as a mirror since the leader does not emulate the symbols they suggest. In such a way, a symbolic leader becomes a leader who does not lead by example to make it ineffective. Symbolic leaders give organizations the view of being a theater or stage to play a given set of role so as to give impressions. Symbols are used by the leaders to catch attentions of the followers. Experiences are framed by the leaders organization by providing logical interpretations of the said experiences. As such, there is a vision that is discovered and is communicated by the leaders. As can be perceived very easily, transformational leadership style is one leadership style that imparts change into the organization. This kind of leadership style uses its characters and the traits of the leader to enforce change on the followers as well as on the organization. As can be seen from the above description of the symbolic framework, transformational leadership style closely parallels the framework. This can be seen from the way the symbolic framework is perceived to be inspirational.

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