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I was very happy in the relationship. I wanted to spend more and more time with her . It was all about us. She made me forget about anything else in the word. It was fantastic. I was clearly falling in love. From the malls, cinemas, fancy restaurants, and amusement parks to vacations together – nothing seemed to be able to ever separate us.

After a while I suggested her to live with me. Actually, the relationship with my roommate wasn’t really smooth, and, therefore, it was the best time for her to replace him. At first, she had doubts and did not want to move in with me. However, after some hesitations, she decided to take a step. Immediately, we started to organize our life together, and of course we purchased furniture at Value City – our favorite store at the time. We would spend hours at Walmart shopping around and looking for small staff to make up our house. In a short time, our home was fully equipped.

Then came my birthday. She surprised me with a cake with a picture of me and my family on top of it. That really touched me since my mom and brother were back home. It was like a family reunion for me. Moreover, she prepared a celebration party for me. I am always having a good time on my birthdays. She is never tired of surprising me again and again. Every year she does something extraordinary and something especially for me to make sure I am happy.

Living togheter has definetly improved our relationship. We had become a real family, particularly when her son joined to live with us.

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